Atlanta lost a legend over the weekend. Quality Control rapper Lil Marlo was pronounced dead over the weekend after he was fatally shot on a Georgia highway. He was just on his way to coming up in the rap game and was a close affiliate of Lil Baby. Rumors, that Baby himself shut down, circulated over the past 24 hours that the "hit" on Marlo was originally for Lil Baby. Denying the rumor is essentially all that Baby said about Marlo's death at that point, though it's not necessarily expected that he mourns the loss of a close friend on social media.

The rapper went to Instagram earlier today where he penned a heartbreaking post about the death of Marlo. Beyond that, Baby reflected on the lifestyle of being in the streets, especially as one is coming up in the rap game. "Dam Thug !! You kno what come with this shit that’s why I battle myself with straddling the fence," he said. "Streets a stepping stool to the next level !! I say that to say I’m fucced up bout Yung ru but at the same time I’m so familiar with this shit I find myself numb!! Ain cried in like 8 yrs !! I thought I couldn’t no more ... this one hit me hard."

Baby, however, used the moment to share the painful reality of the "gangster shit." "Marlo was a gangster an sometimes death comes with that I want all the people who look up to me or even admire what I’m doing to understand an kno what come with this “gangster shit “ if that’s how you living," he continued. "I just talked to you right before this shit happen I can’t never forget the times we had I just hate this shit went all bad."

Read the post below.