Lil Baby Shares Drake Collab Origins, Young Thug Wisdom & Quitting Lean Health Benefits

Lil Baby talks Drake, Young Thug and more in our exclusive interview.

Lil Baby may very well be the next up. This morning marks the arrival of his brand new Harder Than Ever album, which features appearances from Drake, Offset, Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, and more. We had the pleasure of sitting down with the Atlanta rapper, who opened up about a variety of topics. 

"Initially Drake had sent me the song to get on for him," reveals Baby. "Then he sent me the song back to have, that was like truly blessing, shout out to Drake for that. We met last year, it was all in the plan, but this year, we kill em." Despite only rapping for thirteen months, Baby has already assembled a prominent circle of veteran collaborators. Among them, the androgynous wonder Young Thug, who played a pivotal role in shaping Baby's work ethic. 

"I learned a lot from Young Thug," says Baby. "Recording style, music style, work ethic, a lot, you know what I'm saying?" Having spent time chilling with Thug prior to pursuing music, it seems as if Baby's respect runs deeper than rap. "He's one of those rappers that might say anything, so I'm never surprised by a Thug verse." He proceeds to contrast the main differences between working with Thug and Gunna, stating "we all in the same vibe. All the songs I recorded with Gunna and Thug, even the songs they got with me, we all recorded them at the same place, same night, same vibe." 

For more from the man of the hour Lil Baby, including what it's like writing personal lyrics, check out the entire video below. 

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HNHH TV Lil Baby Shares Drake Collab Origins, Young Thug Wisdom & Quitting Lean Health Benefits