We may all be sequestered to our respective homes, but that doesn't mean you can't communicate with the ones you love. Whether it be virtually or through the good ol' fashioned mail, there are ways to reach out and send your love to your friends and family, and if you choose the latter method, you can even send more than love-- you can send a care package filled with goodies.

We don't know if this is what Gucci Mane did when he sent Lil Baby an icy new chain, but we'd like to imagine it is. "How The Fucc You Get A 1017 Ain’t You 4PF," he postures to his followers in the caption. Gucci, for his part, has been busy signing new artists, and asking his fans who he should sign. Among those new signees is Ola Runt, whom Baby shouts out in his caption.

In response to Baby sharing his iced out 1017 chain with the world, Gucci also commented and big upped the rapper in the process-- quite the compliment coming from Gucci-- he replied, "U saved the city Vato."

What do you think? Did Lil Baby save the ATL? Peep the chain below.