When Lil Baby first entered the game, many were quick to raise eyebrows at his moniker, writing him off as the inevitable conclusion of a "lil" movement gone too far. Yet it didn't take long for doubters to eat crow. Baby quickly proved himself a refreshing voice among a sea of stale imitators, and his "wah wah wah" moment soon turned an oft-maligned name into the stuff of legend. Now, with Harder Than Ever and Drip Harder rounding out a stellar 2018 campaign, the Quality Control breakout star is looking to cap off the year with one final drop.

Image via HNHH

Now, Baby has come through to stoke the fires surrounding his upcoming endeavor. Street Gossip, set to drop on November 30th alongside Meek Mill's Championships, looks to pick up where previous drops left off. It's likely that Baby's melodic prowess will remain at the forefront, though it's entirely possible he comes through with a strongest emphasis on lyricism this time around; perhaps it's merely a thought, but Baby was curiously supportive of both Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas, in light of their recent feud. 

Peep Baby's recent tease for Street Gossip, as shared via the rapper's Instagram page. From the look of it, he's still spending countless racks on new apparel. Should the musical accompaniment be any indication of what's to come, it seems likely we're in for another solid effort from the world's most lyrically dexterous "baby."