Lil Baby's ascension to becoming a rap superstar was on full display in 2020 and with a new year ahead of us, Baby seems poised to repeat his success and give his fans some incredible new music. Back in December, Lil Baby dropped "Errbody" which came complete with a stunning music video that features the artist as a member of the military, manning a machine gun in a helicopter that was patrolling over Atlanta. There are also some great car chase scenes, and fans were impressed by how it was all put together.

Today, Baby came through with a behind the scenes video through VEVO Footnotes, which explains some of the decisions that were made while creating the visual. This production was put together by Daps, Edgar Estevez, and Christian Breslauer, who were all tapped by P from QC to create something memorable.

"Edgar wrote the treatment for this concept when P called him and said he needed a crazy visual," the video notes. "Coming with heavy action concepts he knew collaborating with Christian, who's done tons of action movie-inspired music videos, was a no-brainer and would bring the cinematic vision. Daps was the glue holding us all together having worked with Lil Baby so much."

This entire video took three days to film and there were certainly some stunts that proved to be difficult to pull off. Chief among them was the car chase scene which carried a bunch of safety risks. Despite this, Lil Baby was determined to make the vision happen and it turned out to be one of his best videos to date.

Over the course of the year, Baby will be looking to deliver even more music videos for his fans, and we can't wait to see what he produces.

Lil Baby

Cindy Ord/Getty Images