There has been much said about Lil Baby and his girlfriend Jayda Cheaves. The high-profile rap couple has been enjoying their relationship and parenting their young son, but accusations often follow the rapper. He's been accused of cheating on Jayda, and some women, like adult film star Ms. London, speak candidly and publicly about their alleged encounters. Following Ms. London's graphic revelation of allegedly being paid $6K to have sex with the rapper, Jayda is letting it be known that her worth hasn't been diminished just because she may have been cheated on.

"I done been through enough sh*t to know what a n*gga do outside of me has NOTHING TO DO WITH ME," she said. "I know wth i got going on and what I have to offer. But sometimes ppl just don’t know how to love you properly and that’s not okay." Someone told her she needed to find her worth outside of material value. 

"I mean this in the most humblest way I GET MONEY FR LIKE THAT SH*T MATERIAL SH*T IS NOTHING TO ME," Jayda added. "I don’t ask for the material sh*t i got now i get it just cuz. Sometimes you really just love a mfer. I know it’s rare seeing that. But I was never here cuz i needed to be."

Last night (December 8), Ms. London offered up an apology to Lil Baby and Jayda, but the rapper is ready for his personal life to no longer be a discussion. "Find a new topic," he tweeted with a middle finger emoji. Check it out below.