It seemingly happened within the blink of an eye. First, Lil Baby was appearing alongside Drake on "Yes Indeed," the single that piqued the interest of the mainstream audience who came for the Drizzy and discovered a rising young rapper in the process. Since then, it's been nothing but ascent for the Quality Control superstar, who may very well emerge from 2020 as the biggest artist of the year. Exceedingly adaptable and capable of surprising at every turn, Lil Baby has earned the right to kick back and let My Turn continue to rack up the numbers.

Lil Baby New Album

 Brad Barket/Getty Images

But that is not his way. Forever locked into the studio like his collaborators Future and Young Thug are known to be, Lil Baby has likely amassed a sizeable collection of tracks under our very noses. Case in point, the rapper was recently hosting an Instagram Live session, kicking back and addressing his many fans. Before long, he declared that he wants to drop another album, his tone suggesting sooner rather than later. 

Now, that's not exactly what you'd call an abundance of information, but it does indicate the rapper's current headspace. True, My Turn doesn't seem likely to slow down any time soon -- in reality, he could probably get far more mileage out of that album before he shifts gears and drops another. And let's be honest, oversaturation is a real danger in today's breakneck climate, where new albums seem to land before the deep cuts of the previous one can even be unearthed. Still, Lil Baby has yet to take a wrong turn, so let's see what he has in store before jumping to conclusions.

Check out his announcement below.