Artists beef over a decent amount of things these days, but typically a shared name isn't one of them. Lil Baby recently sat down with Joe Budden to speak about his come up, and the young star opened up about his relationship with DaBaby. Budden asks Lil Baby if anyone in his camp tried to position him and DaBaby against each other because of the similarities of their names. "I always heard it from day one," Lil Baby answered. "A nigga will be like, 'He tried to say this' and I'll be like, 'No.' Every time, I made sure it wasn't going to be nothing." Lil Baby continued on to explain that he doesn't really believe in beefing with anyone, even if the other person instigates the situation. 

To tie things all together, Lil Baby reveals that he and DaBaby collaborated way back before either was really famous. Apparently, Lil Baby met Dababy while the former was just starting to rap at SXSW. "I seen him at South by Southwest before I really started rapping with a diaper on like on some baby shit," Lil Baby explained. "Even though my name was Baby from hustling before rap.... I gotta song with him for a feature before he got hot. " Lil Baby reveals that he wasn't interested in beef because, "He don't sound like me. He don't kick my swag. His name just 'DaBaby.'" Check out the interview below.