Lil Bibby is clearly fed up with Kanye West's antics. The former XXL Freshman and resident Chicago rapper voiced his frustration early this morning via Twitter. His indirect yet pointed message to Kanye: "Make Kanye Black Again." Read into it what you will, but Bibby's is echoed by other resident Chicagoans who want Kanye to restitute his local pride on some level. Of course, Kanye's Chicago roots are too easily compartmentalized in his everyday Calabasan lifestyle, to which he owes no one, Bibby-included, an explanation.

While Bibby didn't elaborate on his Tweet, but anyone paying close attention would attest to the fact his Tweets are generally compact. Tweets such as "It is what it is," "You don't know the half," "I miss em," and "Just don't lie" are among the most expressive in his backlog. Less is more has worked for Lil Bibby and other individuals cut in his mold.

The context of his Tweet lines up well with the general commentary surrounding Kanye West's recent exploits. Every time Kanye West takes an intentional dig at conformist culture, he runs the risk of upsetting someone with a different understanding of contemporary culture. Lil Bibby's concern is with Kanye West's consumerist tendencies, not his "intellectual" drop-off.