Lil Boosie participated in his first press conference since his release from prison last week, and the rapper took the time to reveal just how much he had accomplished in his 5 year bid. Apparently, not only did the Baton Rouge emcee write over 1,000 songs while he was locked up, he also took care of the script for his own biopic.

"I wrote 1,018 songs... Every free time I get, I'm getting in the studio," he said, revealing that he's even got some tracks for other artists on deck. “I got a hit for Justin Bieber, and I just got music. I just got good, quality street music.

Of course, Boosie didn't just write music while locked up, he was actually able to write an entire screenplay. “Well, I wrote my own movie, Boosie The Movie", he said. "I might shop it, but I’m probably gonna get my own money and do it myself and I’m gonna try to put it in theaters cause it ain’t no movie like this movie. This the real life story.” 

As far as what he was listening to, Boosie explained that he learned more about current rap from magazines than music. “I ain’t really listened to music when I was in [there]. You know, I just focused on my music,” he said. “And I didn’t even know really the new rappers or nothing unless I read about them in Hip Hop Weekly. So, I wasn’t too much on people’s music. I was just focused on me…I was seeing they success as far as magazines.”

Watch the full interview below.