It's been a minute since Dicky stopped by Sway In The Morning to chop it up with his old pal. Off the bat, the bromance between Sway Calloway and Lil Dicky is evident; it's no surprise, given that LD shut it down with some bars during his last appearance. "When I look at you, I see sweetness," introduces Sway, this time around. Lil Dicky smiles, and responds "hey, I'll take it." He proceeds to outline his adventure in crafting "Earth," which found him sitting down in Leonardo DiCaprio's manor for a meeting of the minds. At this, Sway can barely control his glee.

"He offered me a seat, he offered me a drink," details Dicky. "It was a different type of water. The right kind of water. We sat, and there was a beautiful view, and we talked about the Earth. He literally cares so much about it. He gets worked up just talking to me about it. Then we played 'pickle ball.' It's like a mini-tennis game. He's very competitive." Sway proceeds to cut to the heart of the matter. "Did you use the bathroom?" Lil Dicky affirms that yes, he did. "It was one of those cool toilets," he adds. "It flushed itself." 

Heather chimes in, reminding Sway that "his butt is the sensor." When Sway is shocked that Dicky would dare drop a deuce at the DiCaprio manor, Dicky quickly realigns the narrative. "I pee sitting down," he admits. "You didn't know that?"

Check out the whole interview below.