You can't say that Lil Dicky didn't warn us.

At the end of last month, the comedic rapper and star of his own sitcom on FX posted a nude picture tucking his penis between his legs, telling all of his followers to register for the 2020 Presidential Election and promising to show even more if they did. A few weeks have passed and it turns out that he was being serious, uploading a new video where he weighs his political options in the upcoming vote, stripping down to the nude.

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"Hi, I'm Dave and I'm here today to talk to you guys about the election," says Lil Dicky in the video. He wears absolutely nothing except for a white tube sock, which covers his penis.

LD explains that, while his career has been focused on making people laugh, both in his music and on Dave, he believes it would be irresponsible if he did not use his platform to educate people on why it's so important to get Trump out of the White House. 

He goes over two causes that are most important to him: climate change and the acknowledgment that the country was built on systemic racism.

After looking at both candidates, LD reveals that he will be voting for Joe Biden in November, explaining that with Trump's inability to recognize climate change as a credible threat to our existence, as well as his negligence in terms of disavowing white supremacists (or, rather, refusing to do so), his choice was clear.

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Last day to register in my home state of PA, my new home state of CA, and others. Step up and vote.

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Watch what Lil Dicky has to say above.