Lil Dicky is a character that we can't stop watching. His recent "Freaky Friday" video featuring Chris Brown sums up his thinking and where he's at creatively and you gotta admit that it ain't so bad. It's safe to say the man doesn't lack any confidence, as we can see in a recent video of him giving a female fan one intimate lap dance. 

The "Professional Rapper" artist was hosting a party at Rehab Beach Club this past weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and he got all eyes on him while on stage. Dicky was playing his track “Lemme Freak" and did just as the title suggested, performing some intimate moves on a woman who was loving it. Check out the video below of Dicky in his boxers doing the most, while the crowd cheers in approval. 


In other Dicky news, he recently shared that before he released his "double platinum" track "Freaky Friday" Drake and Kanye West were the first to hear it. "‘Dude, that's one of the best videos of all time,'" Drake said. Read his full explanation of "the best day" of his life here.