Lil Dicky and Justin Bieber have something in common. Both have been on longstanding musical hiatuses with new projects set to arrive this year; at least, in Dicky's case, that's the plan. Promising that he's been hard at work on his sophomore project, Dicky maintains that all will be right upon its release. In the meantime, fans will have to make do with his upcoming feature on Bieber's Changes. 

Jesse Grant/Getty Images 

Set to appear on "Running Over," Dicky took to Instagram to humbly boast about his latest collaboration with the pop icon. "I rarely take a step back to reflect, but when the great @justinbieber asked me to be on his album, it made me be like wow," he writes, alongside a picture encapsulating the phenomenon of being "like wow." "So I went crazy on track number 8, which is my lucky number, and went crazy in the video, where this picture was taken. #changes out Valentine’s Day. I’m still single."

Clearly, he's excited about the upcoming duet, marking their first collaboration since linking on the massive posse cut "Earth." Given that Dicky happened to tease an upcoming video, it would appear "Running Over" will be one of Changes' lead singles. Who'd have thunk the Professional Rapper would go on to become a commercial juggernaut in his own right?