This has been a good year for Lil Dicky. Not only has the comedy rapper scored a platinum hit with "Freaky Friday," but now he might have the chance to take his brand of weirdness into television. 

According to Billboard, Lil Dicky has been given a pilot order by FX, the same network that airs Childish Gambino's Atlanta. This show, which has yet to be named, will presumably be a little more straight forward than Atlanta's Lynchian weirdness. The plot is set to revolve around Dicky, who plays a fictionalized version of himself, a suburban white guy in his 20's who believes he can become the world's greatest rapper, almost like a modern day Flight of the Conchords, though it isn't known whether this show will also be a musical.

Dicky will reportedly write the screenplay and produce the music for the show, while Greg Mottola, director of Adventureland and Superbad, will direct. Kevin Hart, Scooter Braun, and The League creator Jeff Schaffer are also named among the producers for the show. 

The while the pilot is set to move forward, it will still be some time before it's decided whether or not the full series will be green lit. In the mean time, Lil Dicky has been keeping busy. He's presumably working on releasing a new album, and has spent his time giving women lap dances at his shows. 

Would you be interested in watching a Lil Dicky TV series, or should he stay in his lane and keep making music instead?