Lil Durk has been one of the most successful rappers this year. The release of The Voice, along with his recent collaborative effort with Lil BabyThe Voice Of The Heroes, cemented the near-decade-long run he's been on. Unfortunately, with as much success as he's seen in recent times, there's been a few unfortunate incidents that he was involved in. Most recently, there were reports that he and his girlfriend India Royale were involved in a shootout after someone broke into their home.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Durk and India are both safe, as seen in an IG post shared days after the shootout. However, neither one of them has responded or shared any more details on the report with the exception of a cryptic message from Durk about moving in silence. Durk recently hit Instagram where he previewed new music where he seemingly addresses the shooting.

"Get back to your mans, you in court like he ain't dead/ Got these ski mask for the COVID the only time you n***as wear it/ N***as ran inside my crib but the Glock 10 was by the bed," he raps over ominous production.

In related news, Durk surprised fans this week when it was revealed that he had worked with Kanye West on DONDA. The rapper previously stated that he didn't end up catching a flight in time to lock in studio time with 'Ye but it turned out that he did record a verse for the project which debuted at the Atlanta listening party on Thursday. 

Check the snippet out below.