A few weeks ago, there was a false alarm when a jeweler seemingly tried to pass off an enamel chain that he made as a commissioned piece for Lil Durk. After the Chicago rapper claimed that he had no involvement in the creation of the "weak ass chain", it was clear that the piece was not actually his. However, that doesn't mean that he didn't have immediate plans to commemorate his partner King Von, who was tragically killed in a shooting incident last year, with some iced-out jewelry.

We've already seen Asian Doll's expensive chain purchase to remember her "soulmate" King Von, but his frequent collaborator Lil Durk also wanted to pick up something to show his respect to the fallen OTF rapper. Durkio teamed up with Izzy Luxury, a New York-based jeweler that specializes in high-end custom pieces, to get a new diamond pendant with two memory tags for Von.

The double emerald piece features two pictures of Durk and Von together, complete with a 30-pointer tennis chain and all VVS stones. "Not your average jewelry," said Izzy on Instagram.

In the video posted by the jeweler, Lil Durk shows off the new pick-up, flipping around the tags and revealing the stunning details. It has not been shared how much the chain cost, but it looks like a pretty hefty acquisition that easily could have run him over a hundred thousand dollars.

What do you think of Lil Durk's latest tribute to King Von? Listen to Durk and Von's latest song together, titled "JUMP", here. LLKV.