This summer brought tons of legal drama onto Chicago native Lil Durk. The OTF rapper turned himself into the police in May after it was revealed that a warrant was out for his arrestHe was suspected of shooting somebody on camera and after spending some time in jail, he was released and placed on house arrest. Because of his ankle monitor, the recording artist has been unable to travel to any shows he had previously booked. This morning, he got some great news and he couldn't wait to share it with the rest of the world.

Taking to his social media channels, Durkio revealed that his travel restrictions have been lifted and he's now able to perform again. He made the announcement to his five million followers on Instagram, writing: "Got the best news this morning i can travel and do shows again ..... I hope y'all ready."

It's been months since Lil Durk graced the stage so he's definitely fiending to get back in the public eye. Hopefully, he's able to stay out of trouble for the long haul. Expect the rapper to come through with some upcoming tour dates soon. Will you be keeping an eye on his socials for any concert announcements?