The deal is well known by now. An album comes, and a few weeks later, a Deluxe Edition follows. Such has been the case for a while now, to the point where some have even reasoned the sole existence of a Deluxe is designed to boost numbers in the short term. In any case, it does lead to new music and for that reason, we'll take it. Especially when it's coming from Chicago's own Lil Durk, who once again dropped off an impressive body of work with Just Cause Y'all Waited 2.

Prince Williams/WireImage/Getty Images

Now, the rapper is gearing up to deliver an updated variant of the album, and by his own assessment it's set to be a strong addition. "My Deluxe crazzzzzyyyyyyyy," he teases, alongside an abundance of fire emojis. You might reason that a rapper is obviously obliged to promote their own work, a fair assessment to be sure. Still, you've gotta respect the enthusiasm, and Durk has never been one to lead us astray.

For now, it's unclear as to when he's planning on sending this one off into the world, but seeing as the original version was only released at the beginning of May, it wouldn't be surprising to see this one land in a few weeks at minimum. When it does, however, expect it to be a worthy appetizer to Durk's upcoming Metro Boomin collaboration album No Auto Durkalso set to arrive at some point this year. Will you be tuning in for this particular deluxe?