2020 was a wild ride for many but someone who truly leveled up in spite of everything was Lil Durk. The Chicago rapper had one of his most successful years to date which seems to only have been a set up for an even bigger year in 2021. The death of his right-hand man King Von was a truly shocking way to end the year but in dedication to his late friend, he dropped off The Voice days before Christmas. 

Riding the wave and the success of the project, it appears that he's already preparing to drop off even more music as soon as tonight. The rapper hit Twitter revealing that he has an impulsive urge to drop some new music, writing, "I feel like dropping tonight." He didn't necessarily clarify what he'd be dropping but what better time than now to release a deluxe album.

The Voice has been doing some serious numbers in recent times. Even though he dropped the album with one tracking day left in the week, he managed to move 25K units at that time. Then, he followed it up with an additional 70K after his first full week. He essentially was aiming upwards of 100K with both numbers combined. The projections for the coming week remain high as he expects to move an additional 45K. If the deluxe drops tonight, expect that number to increase.