Lil Durk's run in 2021 is already off to a great start. He closed out 2020 with the release of The Voice before offering the deluxe edition that later earned him his highest sales week ever. On top of that, he's been killing every single feature verse he touches. November's "Back In Blood" with Pooh Shiesty is still crushing the charts and maintaining a spot as one of the hottest records in the streets. It's even beginning to spawn freestyles and remixes.

Unfortunately, not everyone is feeling the song. Yaya Mayweather went viral last week after making a fuss over "Back In Blood" being played at some sort of function. The viral clip is bound to create a few memes at Yaya's expense. However, it's clear that her issue with the song stems from something a bit more personal than not being a fan of it, largely due to the apparent feud between Durk and Youngboy. 

Durk seemingly addressed the clip after retweeting Calboy who wrote, "We don't turn off Lil Durk or Pooh Shiesty over here." Sure, that was enough to get the point across but apparently, he needed to reiterate it for the people in the back. Offering a glimpse into today's outfit which includes a Casablance Paris sweater and a RoyGBiv freight trucker hat, the rapper made it clear that only in the world of Yaya Mayweather is it acceptable to turn off Durkio mid-song. "We don't turn off Durk in the trenches," he wrote along with a vomiting emoji. "Fasure noooooooo."

Speaking of "Back In Blood," we recently chopped it up with Pooh Shiesty for the latest edition of Rise & Grind, our weekly series meant to introduce and dissect new, buzzing, or underground artists. On the topic of collaborating with Durk on the song, Shiesty said, "It was crazy that he tapped in as soon as my chance came around. But you know, that’s what real n***as supposed to do. So, everything was real shit. We locked in. He means his words. He stood on his word. He said we're gonna do this the way, we did it. He stood on that. He a real n****." Check out the rest of the interview here. 

Skip Bolen/Getty Images