Sunday, Lil Durk returned to Instagram to reupload a sample of a new track that he's been teasing for some time. After pulling the track from the platform, he returned to gauge followers' interest in the song.

"Y’all ain’t never tell me if this shit 🔥 or not .... Talk to me," the Chicago rapper penned in the caption.

Naturally, fans' reactions were largely along the lines of a collective imploring of Durk to finally let go of the track for our consumption. In the snippet, however, Durk makes an interesting admission using the cut to open up a bit about his relationship with French Montana, once a mentor to the 27-year-old.

"When I fell out with French Montana that shit did me damage....he picked me up when Def Jam didn't," Durk is heard unleashing over the speakers.

While never officially signed to the Coke Boys imprint, Durk found himself aligned with Montana's label early on in his career. He opted to ink a deal with Def Jam, eventually leaving the label, citing a bad relationship with the company. While he did the independent thing for a while, Durk has since transitioned to Interscope Records Alamo imprint. In the past, however, Durk has expressed his regret in not going with Coke Boys in the first place and in this snippet, he opens up about the rift that he and French experienced behind closed doors.

French would soon appear in the comment section, doubling down on their lasting brotherhood: "Brothers 4life let’s finish what we started !!"