It's been one hell of a year for Lil Durk. After years of hustling in the rap game, it felt like the past few months have given the Chicago rapper his rightful dues. His collaboration with Drake on "Laugh Now Cry Later" further established him as a hit-making monster and the release of The Voice, as well as the deluxe edition, only cemented this.

It looks like Durk and Baby are getting ready to drop the video for "Finesse Out The Gang Way." There were pictures and little video teasers revealing that the two have been shooting a visual for the song but it was a particular clip that caught people's attention. Durk's seated on the passenger side of Lil Baby's car and many people noticed that the Chicago rapper seemed a little bit nervous. In typical Internet fashion, it went viral and people started cracking jokes about Durkio's facial expression. 

TheShadeRoom shared a clip with the caption reading, "Lil Durk was looking kind of nervous." The rapper shared the post to his story confirming that he did feel nervous. "I am run up and see up close," he wrote. 

Durk recently announced the upcoming OTF album, Loyal Bros. Keep your eyes peeled for that