Kanye West has some of the greatest music videos of all time, creating eras with his music and doing so through various means. Not only was the music revolutionary, but his style often followed. Many can easily picture Kanye wearing his red suit with the blazer open and his gold chains at the MTV VMAs. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Lil Durk grew up watching Kanye West reach his dreams, inspiring a generation of kids from his native Chicago. While he's been spending most of his time in Wyoming and California these days, Kanye has a spiritual connection to the city of Chicago, and it's nice to see that one of the hottest artists from the Chi will be paying tribute to some of his greatest moments in an upcoming video.


In photos that are currently circulating across social media, Lil Durk can be seen recreating some of Kanye's most infamous looks, notably from the "I Love It" and "Runaway" videos. The rapper appears to be having an amazing time inside of the Roblox-inspired costume that Kanye wore for his final raunchy video before going full gospel, which featured Lil Pump. Instead of Ye's "Donda" necklace, Durkio replaces it with an OTF chain. 

In other photos, Durk is seen wearing a white tuxedo, similar to Kanye's iconic music video for "Runaway".


The tribute is rumored to be for an upcoming music video for Lil Durk's deluxe copy of The Voice. The track is rumored to be called "Kanye Krazy". 

What do you think of Lil Durk honoring some of Kanye's most iconic looks?