For most rappers, being iced out is a part of their lifestyle. Whether it's a diamond pendant, a carat-filled ring, a watch that's too bright to see the time, or earrings that dazzle in the dark, artists aren't scared to break the bank on their jewelry items-- Lil Durk is one entertainer who falls into that category.

The Chicago native has an extensive jewelry collection full of items totaling up to millions of dollars-- three million to be exact. His jeweler, who goes by Izzy and is based in New York City and Miami, posted Durk's most recent purchase onto his IG story. He played his song "Huuuh" in the background, which conveniently has Durk rapping, "Y'all cap, on Pluto, I just spent three million just with Izzy."

Izzy showed a silver diamond necklace and wrote, "@lildurk humble it was more than 3 [puffing emoji]. One carat each do the math." DJ Akademiks, a music and pop culture commentator, shared Izzy's post with his nearly five million followers and wrote, "Durk spent over $3 million with his jeweler."

As the post began to generate likes, it caught the attention of Durk himself. He hopped into AK's comments and wrote, "Lol hell naw bro chain was 250-260. I spent over 3million [with] Izzy." AK, whose real name is Livingston Allen, pinned Durk's comment for everyone to see, but he didn't adjust his caption even after getting clarification.

In recent news regarding the "What Happened to Virgil" artist, video footage captured him pushing a fan into the audience for disrespecting his late cousin, King Von. After stopping his show to have a chat with the victim, Durk scolded him before forcing him back into the crowd.