As one of the leading voices coming out of the Rap scene currently, all eyes are keenly squared on Lil Durk. The Chicago rapper continues to blaze through the charts with each release, and this week, after a slight delay, The Voice of the Heroes will arrive. The joint project is an effort in partnership with Durk and Lil Baby, and it has been one of the most anticipated projects of the year, to date.

Aside from his musical ventures, Durk's personal life always captures attention. He publicly showers his leading lady India Royale with affection and repeatedly makes it clear that they're locked in for life. However, Durk shared a few thoughts on his Instagram Story where he said he'll be pulling back from posting as often.

"Keeping the world out my personal life," wrote the rapper. "Not posting to much saying to much Nomo." He suggested that this had a lot to do with his children. "Definitely my kids... just know they good and took care of thanks [blue heart emoji]."

While many artists do capitalize off of sharing updates about their children, some are refraining from giving the world too much access, including Summer Walker. The singer has been criticized for her posts, and recently, the public threatened to call Child Protective Services on her for no reason at all.

Check out Durk's post below.

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