There is a long history of artists doing big things out of Chicago. 

Kanye West is obviously one of the biggest names from the city. Others, including Common, Lupe Fiasco, Chief Keef, and more have put Chi-Town on the map in their own ways. Juice WRLD was shaping up to become the next big artist out of Chicago but, unfortunately, he passed away in December 2019 from a drug overdose.

The "Lucid Dreams" superstar was on pace to be one of the most beloved musicians in the world and it's truly heartbreaking that he's not here to witness what kind of impact he had on the music industry. 

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Other Chicago rappers, like Lil Durk, recognize him as a "musical genius", saying so in his latest interview with Montreality.

Answering questions about his favorite cartoons, his new album The Voice, his girlfriend India, and more, Durkio touched on how he knew that Juice WRLD was so special. Flanked by Booka600 and C3, Durkio said: 

"I rock with him 1000%. [Juice WRLD] was an icon. I'm not just saying that because of what happened to him. He had an advantage to be, like, the next Kanye West coming out of Chicago because he was smart. His personality was crazy. You know what I'm saying, music genius. He'd go in that motherf*cker and freestyle. You know how you go in the studio with somebody and he's going crazy and even your team is like, 'oh sh*t, you gotta go crazy!' They're putting pressure on me. I damn near forgot who the f*ck I was for a minute."

Rest in peace to Juice WRLD. Watch Lil Durk's new interview above.