The Voice has spoken and according to him, not everybody is allowed to flex with their hard-earned money on the 'Gram. If you're getting your bands up, you may feel an urge to share your winnings with the world, participating in money-spreading challenges on social media, but Lil Durk has officially advised would-be stunters to slow their roll, offering guidelines on when it's appropriate to flex with absurd amounts of cash.

Taking to Twitter, the Chicago rap icon posted a picture behind stacks of cash. Famously claiming to make $200,000 per show, Durkio has been swimming in money in his spare time and he came through with an important message, telling his followers that it's not always the right time to be bragging about your earnings online.

"You can post your money if you take care your family and put your n***as in position to win," wrote the rapper. "And def make sure your kids took good care of you gotta be a opp or somebody wit me hit ya hoe if you hate on me."

His message comes following the release of his new collaborative single with Lil Baby, titled "The Voice of the Heroes." The record was released on Monday, preceding their full-length album together, which drops at the end of the week. 

Do you agree that it's not always appropriate to be stunting with your bands online?