According to the mother of Lil Durk's alleged seven-year-old son, the rapper has been ignoring his child, failing to support him financially for the last few years. Travonna made the claims during a recent tell-all interview with blogger Tasha K, speaking out against the alleged father of her son. Calling out Durk for always claiming to take care of his family while cutting off his own son, Travonna set out on a mission to prove the rapper's paternity to his fans, who have been trolling her all day in the comments.

After people rushed to her page to back up Lil Durk, calling Travonna a clout chaser for coming out with these allegations after the rapper's brother passed away, she took time to clap back against the critics, claiming that she's already gotten a DNA test to confirm Durk's paternity, sharing side-by-side photos of them.

"Y'all have time I don't," she started on Instagram. "I have a DNA test I have my proof I have my reasons I wish I would entertain you devils have a good day & just so we clear that was a prerecorded interview I had no idea when it was dropping it was ppl that seen it before me but judge away yall me (sic) nothing to me."

She continued to share long messages on her story before posting a side-by-side of her son and Lil Durk. "LIE FOR WHAT???" she prodded. "Y’all are NOBODY TO PLEASE & HE IS NOBODY TO PROTECT UP AGAINST MY CHILDS INNOCENTS SO AGAIN HAVE A GOOD DAY WE GOT DNA." 

Travonna also posted a screenshot of Lil Durk on FaceTime with her son, who was a newborn at the time.

Check out all of her posts below and let us know what you think of this.