Lil Durk's older brother, Dontay Banks Jr., also known as OTF DThang, passed away this weekend after reportedly being shot in the head, according to new reports coming out of Chicago. Local news has also reported that a police officer sustained a gunshot wound in a separate incident outside of the same strip club just outside of Chicago.

According to WGN9, DThang was shot outside of Club O in Harvey, Illinois at approximately 12:20 PM on Sunday. He was pronounced dead on the scene. An autopsy is expected to be performed, which will give investigators more insight into what happened.

Prior to the shooting, a police officer noticed a patron with a handgun at the same club. In the midst of an altercation, the officer was shot. They were brought to the hospital and released in good condition. Later on Sunday night, police responded to a shooting on the 100 Block, which is believed to have been in retaliation. The victim, Sinica Price, was pronounced dead.

Lil Durk has yet to make any public statements about the death of his brother. He previously said that DThang was his idol growing up. Some of his rap peers, including Calboy, have spoken out about the conspiracy theories surrounding DThang's death, which have led rap fans to ask Durk to stop name-dropping the dead in his songs.

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