He's steadily building his Only The Family empire as he balances his career and being a father of six. Lil Durk seems to be on a better track than he was just a year or so ago, and while he regularly brags on his relationship with girlfriend India Royale, the public is looking to cause drama between the couple. There are some who enjoy watching relationships meltdown in real-time, much like that of Lil Baby and Jaya Cheaves, but when a social media user tried to do the same with India, she shut it down.

On Twitter, India spoke about how at this point in her life, she won't put up with a cheater. Someone responded, "Cheating a deal breaker? but India durk cheats on you everyday." India replied, "With who?" She added, "People be like be quiet before you get what you looking for. The only way I can get it is if he cheating. I can’t speak him cheating into existence, those are his actions. So if somebody got something to say they can say it. I’m not afraid to be by myself. That’s a fact."

Allegations of Durk's cheating recently arose after screenshots surfaced from The Dark Room stating that the rapper had a child outside of his relationship. India called out the owner of the gossip site when she wrote, "She ain’t got sh*t but people telling her he do. No names, dates, or pictures. They leak all her sh*t right on here. @tdronlyfans Stfu you weird ass paying for 'tea' ass b*tch."

Check out India defending herself and her relationship with Lil Durk below.