A rapper tied to Lil Durk is facing serious time behind bars. JusBlow600, real name Justin Mitchell, is signed to Durkio's label, Only The Family, and last week he was taken into custody. A local news report stated that the 25-year-old rapper allegedly conspired with two others—Lucky Tyler and 22-year-old Paradise Haynes—to rob 19-year-old Khalil Carter at an apartment back in 2017. Things quickly went sour and in the scuff, the teenager was shot and killed with an assault rifle.

Haynes agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors and had to detail her version of events, so she named her co-defendants as her alleged accomplices. The planned robbery resulted in a shootout where Haynes, Tyler, and another person were injured. It's reported that JusBlow600 was named as the person responsible for taking Carter's life.

JusBlow600 has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and six other felony counts. "Haynes pleaded guilty to one count of robbery resulting in bodily injury, a level 2 felony," reports the Times. She faces 10 to 30 years behind bars, while JusBlow600 and Lucky Tyler are looking at 45 to 65 years in prison.

Earlier today (December 15), the rapper shared a photo of his mugshot with a caption denying the charges against him. "They tryin 2 build cases off lies and snitches! Imma stay 10 toes down," JusBlow600 wrote. "Mr.SnitchK .... RN4L P.s : Album OTW I love and thank my support system and fans!! Imma be back when I beat the case~ BlowDaMan."