Believing that everyone should be out here living their best lives, Lil Duval had a few words about the audience at the BET Social Awards. There were plenty of performers that hit the stage—including Soulja Boy who gave fans a few of his greatest hits—but many were looking forward to Blueface getting down to his hot single "Thotiana." The track has certainly been the buzz around town considering it got both a Cardi B and Nicki Minaj remix, so one would expect the BET Social Awards audience to be hyped when the rapper hit the stage. However, viewers, including Lil Duval, couldn't help but notice that live audience members were more interested in capturing the moment on their cell phones than bustin' it down with Blueface.

"Ay, look at the crowd," Lil Duval said in a video clip he uploaded to his Instagram of Blueface's performance. "It ain't a single soul in there dancing. They just holding they cameras. The f**k...Look at 'em! This the number one song in the country and ain't nobody dancing. They just holding they cameras." He also wrote in the caption to the clip, "And then they gon post “concert was lit!!!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 black people don’t know how to party no more. How y’all expect a performer to feed off y’all energy? #yallarerobots #f**kingzombies."

There were some people who jumped in the comment section to agree with the "Living My Best Life" singer, but others said they weren't surprised by the audience's response. They argued that it is an award show that highlights social media, so it's only fitting that the audience would spend more time recording for the purpose of uploading and sharing rather than participate. 

Do you think live audiences need to get off of their phones and enjoy shows more?