Judging by the internet's reception of her social media content, it's more than fair to say that Chloe Bailey is a pretty hot commodity. She goes viral on social media nearly every other week, attracting the attention of both fans and fellow artists alike. Her recent cover of Yung Bleu and Drake's hit "You're Mines Still" had the rapper ready to collaborate with the beautiful songstress, and it seems like she's also attracted the attention of comedian Lil Duval, albeit to social media's disapproval. 

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The 43-year-old cheekily tweeted on Sunday (March 21) "How old is that Chloe girl again?" slyly suggesting he was interested in the 22-year-old. He added in the caption of a repost of the tweet on Instagram, "I’m asking for my nephew," with dozens of laughing emojis.  

"the fact that you called her a girl instead of a woman means you know she's too young for you," penned one dissenting user, pointing out the glaring age difference between the two of them. 

Another user fired, "Young enough to be your child. Go find you someone in their 40s." What seems to be another matured man wrote the lengthy explanation, "Bruh... here's a little advice. If you think she's old enough for you then refer to her as a woman. If you view her as a girl then inquiring about her probably is not in her or your best interest, because it makes your intentions look suspect." 

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