The very public relationship between Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones seemingly never has a dull moment thanks to the crafted editing from Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. After the duo announced their coupling, the Internet went wild since Lil Fizz was friends with Omarion and Apryl is Omaron's ex and baby mother. While they're clearly still going strong, the topic of babies and marriage came up in a recent episode that has forced viewers to react in a not-so supportive way.

Maury Phillips/Getty Images 

"Could you see yourself marrying me one day?" Apryl asked Fizz, as seen in the clip below. After a dramatic pause, Fizz reassured her responding with "absolutely" and how he wants to "extend the family" if they're still together in five years. "Probably in two or five years I will definitely have another kid," he added. 

The comments on the video alone prove that fans aren't coming through with a lot of support. "I still can’t believe this shit," one user wrote, while another added, "April need to stop playing. She know damn well she don wanna marry this broke man. He is a step down for her but she wanted to Shock everyone and hurt omarion unfortunately she played herself!"

Peep more reactions below.