Social media challenges are strange. They can be innocuous, like dousing yourself in ice-cold water and imploring your friends to do the same. They can be mildly risky, like ghost-riding-the-whip to the dulcet tones of Drake's "In My Feelings." They can also be dangerous as hell, like the infamous "tide pod challenge," which found the youth of today chowing down on poison for the Gram. Now, Lil Gnar has taken things to the extreme, and while he's not exactly pioneering a new challenge, his behavior certainly has all the symptoms of one seeking attention. 

In a video that has been circulating across social media, Lil Gnar can be seen donning a bulletproof vest, while his homie readies an ostensibly loaded gun. Like a hellish Jackass stunt, Gnar proceeds to take a swig of alcohol, imploring his buddy to shoot him in the chest at point-blank range. The friend obliges, and a gunshot can be heard, followed by a painful grunt from Gnar. Both men inspect to see whether the bullet penetrated the vest  - it did not.

Despite the clip's shocking nature, many have openly cast doubt on its authenticity. Theories that the friend fired a blank have already circulated across the Gram, and while that may very well be a likely scenario, the ultimate message remains dubious at best. Be sure to abstain from following suit, kids.