Lil Jon finally gave fans a pretty substantial taste of his unreleased track with Usher and Ludacris during his Instagram live battle with T-Pain on Saturday night, and it feels like it's 2004 all over again. Producers battling it out over IG live to has become a prominent trend since widespread quarantine started, and it's quickly turning into one of the greatest sources of joy for people (and, in particular, hip hop fans) during these stressful times. The latest battle took place on Saturday (April 4th), and saw two of the most prominent producers of the early aughts go head to head.

Lil Jon Usher Ludacris new unreleased song preview tease sneak peek Instagram live battle T-Pain Yeah! collaboration Confessions IIIChristopher Polk/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Lil Jon and T-Pain proved worthy opponents, with many unable to decide who exactly emerged victorious, but one of the highlights of the session actually came after the battle had finished. After each bumping a few extras that they didn't get a chance to play during the actual battle, Jon played the highly anticipated collab with himself, Usher, and Ludacris, that we were officially made aware exists last November and have high key been waiting for since like 2005.

The track follows the trio's multiple collaborative hits in the past, including "Yeah!" and "Lovers & Friends." Many are saying that this new song feels like a sequel to the latter track, incorporating 2000s R&B sound and bearing a similar lyrical theme. Jon revealed that they actually wrote and recorded the untitled track two whole years ago with Jermaine Dupri. He also kept teasing Usher about not letting them release the song, since it's meant to debut on his upcoming album, Confessions III. However, both Jon and Pain, as well as the almost 250K viewers in the comments, urged Usher to let Jon drop it in full. Hopefully, this public pressure will be enough to make Usher change his mind and put it out on streaming platforms, so we can all enjoy it. What do you think of the track?