TMZ always seems to flood the scene with difficult, if not divisive questions. One has to wonder how they manage to keep their field reporters out of harm's way, given the demands of the profession. TMZ has become such an embedded part of contemporary culture, that some of these minor discomforts have become more acceptable in the eyes of the 1%.

But sometimes they get it right, and these topical questions meet their maker. Their search for a resourceful candidate ended with Lil Jon, an expert in the field of wearing dreads - an update in that story of a high school wrestler forced to cut his dreadlocks, weighing heavy on the mind of a TMZ staffer scouring the airport terminal for a little one-on-one session.

Just recently, the coach who forced the scissors upon the high schooler is now suing a list of targets whom he claims screwed him over in the media. As you'd expect, Lil Jon was buying the ref's spiel for one second.

The Crunk pioneer made the observation that Alan Maloney, the ref in question, hasn't even done enough in the aftermath to exonerate himself of Racial overtones, so how does he get off filing a defamation suit. "Dreads are considered to be a man's crown," he said. "So, for this guy to be blatantly racist and now claim he can't get work, well, too bad. You shouldn't have been an asshole. He should blame social media. You can't blame nobody else for that." Where do you stand on the issue, now that you've heard Lil Jon own personal stance?