Originally, Lil Keed wanted his album to be listened to following the release of his short film but, with the documentary-style video pushed back, Trapped On Cleveland 3 was released for the world to enjoy. As fans of the newly-revealed 2020 XXL Freshman argue over which songs are best on the new album, the short film has finally arrived.

Directed by Greene, the project follows the release of Lil Keed's new album, giving us an eye into his life. Spanning just under ten minutes, we get to witness the rising 22-year-old star in his element as he spends time inside his home studio, takes care of his young daughter NayChur, hits the strip club, and laments about his time on Cleveland Avenue.

Andy Lyons/BIG3/Getty Images

He even shows some crazy footage of two armed men pulling up to the crib and pointing guns at the security system, giving fans an idea of how stressful things can get in his 'hood. As he says to start off the video, Cleveland Avenue isn't for everybody.

Lil Keed was recently named as one of the rappers highlighting the 2020 XXL Freshmen Class, which he has been considered for during the last couple of years. Watch the new short film below and let us know if you're feeling the album.