Azealia Banks has been one of the most provocative figures in hip-hop this decade. She's talented in her own right, for sure, but her antics themselves often overshadow her music. She's essentially feuded with everyone in the industry including people who've shown her support in the past. 

John Sciulli/Getty Images 

Lil Kim is among those that Banks has had beef with in the past. In 2017, Azealia Banks finally apologized to Kim for her comments she made in 2012 accusing the Queen of Bad Boy of not writing her own lyrics. Earlier today, Kim took to Instagram to show some love back to Banks who has been steadily supporting the album 9 since its release earlier this year.

"I’m always gonna acknowledge when someone is representing me in a genuine way and you’ve been reppin’ “9” since the album dropped. Thank you @azealiabanks for acknowledging my true talent because you are one talented mothafucka," she wrote alongside a clip of Azealia Banks posing during a photoshoot.

The shout out comes just a day after Banks announced her retirement from music on Instagram. "These last 8 years were fun... But I have to pull a Shia Labeouf and delete this thing," she wrote on her Instagram story. "Azealia Banks is leaving the forest so you tree ass bitches can fall in silence," she said before signing off.

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