Don't call it a comeback, Lil Kim was the surprise fashion model that designer Paul Cupo decided to unleash during New York Fashion Week's VFILES show in Brooklyn, NY. The fabled queen of the Bad Boy Records empire lined up on the catwalk strutting sporting a short coat dress with matching yellow hair dye, roots n' all. Her low cut bustier showed off an impressive Queen B chain covering the most sensitive area of her neckline. 

Last month returned to fray with the Peter Dmitriyev-directed music video for "Nasty One," where the rapper once again demonstrated her instincts for fashion with a feathered outfit reminiscent of the shiny suit eraThe video serves as the first look at her upcoming project. It's hard to believe she's only on her 5th studio album, and the first official release since The Naked Truth in 2005, barring the Lil' Kim Season mixtape that made the rounds in 2016.

Here's to hoping her rekindled interest in her music and fashion careers will help her tread over water. Back in June, Kim was fearful that her case for bankruptcy protection was at the risk of being overthrown. The NY rap legend has previously claimed to be over $4 million in debt.