A recent Instagram post made by Lil Mama caused a divide as people began discussing if it is appropriate to allow children to dictate their gender preferences. The rapper was accused of transphobia after she reposted a message about transgender children and added, "DEPOPULATION AT ANY COST CAT FIGHTS SWORD FIGHTS Used be a cat now ima dog WHATEVER TO STOP NEW LIFE REPRODUCTION." The subject has been a hot topic after Dwyane Wade's 13-year-old transgender daughter Zaya Wade interviewed, and was praised by, Michelle Obama.

Lil Mama, Transgender, Transphobic
Michael Loccisano / Staff / Getty Images

Lil Mama has returned to explain her viewpoints during a chat on Instagram Live where she used her niece as an example. She claimed that if her niece expressed that she wanted to be a boy prior to puberty, she would talk her through what she's feeling. "Children feel like they can make a choice of changing their genitals before they even go through puberty," said the rapper. "You don't even know who you are or what you like."

"Young women are talking about BBLs and things like that before their breasts and their buttocks are even fully developed," she continued. "We have to be very sensitive and mindful when we're dealing with our children. We are not talking about grown people who can make the choice to do and be whatever they choose to do and be. We're talking about children who may even look at us later on and say, 'Well, why did you let me do that?'"

She also commented on how parents need to be mindful of their health and intake during pregnancy, as well. Check out more from the discussion below as the rapper's co-host speaks on people who transition in their youth only to change their minds as adults.