We are all arguably aware that the Internet can be a place that breeds self-doubt, and can make us subject to a great deal of unwarranted criticism. Rapper and television personality Lil Mama recently sat down with Radio One to reveal how she has dealt with the online backlash in the past and recalls the moment she unknowingly became a pioneer for a platform that was used ridicule her. 

The Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta star is not immune to the hurtful things that people post about her, nor is she blind to the unflattering memes using her face that have circulated the web many times. “I definitely look at my comments. I like to see what people are thinking, what they got to say," she said. "I find that while some people are looking for attention — and they get scrolled right by — there’s a great majority of people that are like ‘This movie inspired me’, ‘this song inspires me’, ‘whatever you’re doing keep doing it’ or ‘To see you go from here to there gave me the confidence to do what I’m doing today.'”

She went on to speak about the day that with the encouragement of her record company, she worked with a certain social networking company and unknowingly opened the floodgates. “I remember stepping into a meeting, cause I was signed to Jive Records at the time, and they asked me to work this new site — they wanted me to kick it off and start talking to people directly," she shared. "I had no idea what it was. So I started writing my thoughts and talking to people, and it was Twitter. It just so happens that one of the things I helped pioneer from the very beginning wound up being something that backlashed me.”

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