There are all sorts of news updates about Lil Mama today (March 8). First, a photo surfaced of the rapper showing off a baby bump, leaving many to question whether or not she's pregnant. Then, a woman came forward on TikTok showing that Lil Mama is allegedly dating her ex, and later, the rapper caught heat from the public over her Instagram Story where she made a loose comparison between transgender people and animals. Lil Mama suggested that allowing children to change their genders is all apart of a scheme to depopulate the world.

Lil Mama, Transgender, Depopulation
Mike Coppola / Staff / Getty Images

She reposted a tweet that reads: "So children are too young to smoke cigarettes, too young to drink alcohol, too young to get a drivers license, too young to go to a club, too young to gamble, too young to rent a car, but old enough to cut off their genitals and/or 'change'their gender?[thinking emoji]-This is insanity #America."

Lil Mama added a few thoughts to the post. "DEPOPULATION AT ANY COST CAT FIGHTS SWORD FIGHTS Used be a cat now ima dog WHATEVER TO STOP NEW LIFE REPRODUCTION." Lil Mama's opinions trail B2K's J-Boog's who recently called Michelle Obama and Zaya Wade's interview "demonic." The rapper's post amassed mixed reactions, so check out a few below and let us know if you agree or disagree with the New York artist.