Regardless of the recent controversy that has followed her, Lil Mama remains dedicated to her craft.  The rapper stepped onto the scene with her 2007 breakout hit "Lip Gloss," and she's continued to develop her career in and out of the music industry since that time. There have been several conversations about women in Rap, especially in recent years as fans of the genre debate the sexually explicit content that has permeated the culture. Lil Mama took a break from defending her stance about transgendered children and decided to hop on the "#TrackStarChallenge" by spitting a few bars.

Lil Mama, Mooski, Track Star
Roy Rochlin / Stringer / Getty Images

Over on TikTok, Mooksi's "Track Star" has been making major waves after going viral and we've seen more people share their version of the challenge on other social media platforms. The challenge itself involves walking and running in place, but Lil Mama chose instead to use the moment to freestyle.

"Some family members tried to talk me out my dreams / Some gang members tried to talk me out my jeans / Either way I'm bustin' through the seams and what it seem like / Life is but a dream and it ain't never what it seem like," Lil Mama rapped. "Now I'm in the booth remixing this Mooski / Trips to the A gotta link with Toosi / Tell 'em weigh me down like my nickname Boosie."

The New York emcee has been receiving praise for her rhymes, so check out the brief snippet and let us know what you think.