Lil Mama has been somewhat low-key after falling off post-VMA debacle in 2009. She's been making moves as an independent artist, venturing into other artforms like acting. The rapper still has an eye on the rap game and has sniffed out something that displeases her: that "hoe mentality" many artists are promoting.

Although Lil Mama doesn't name any names in her quick rant, fans can probably piece together who inspired her Instagram story based on its content.

"Why is this new generation of woman in hip hop music infatuated with the idea of being attractive to, being able to sleep with or get with or money from other woman's man. I will never understand such a insecure prostitution pesent way of thinking. I don't care how many records it sells its weird ASF."

At the end of her post, the New York native clarifies that her intention isn't to blast any particular person. She simply wants to underline a concept she finds unsettling.

"And this is not a shot at anyone. It's just what I feel...double standard, I know. Blah Blah Blah."

Considering Mama grew up on musical influences like Lauryn Hill and Mc Lyte, there is no wonder the attitude of some rising stars shocks her.

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