Jay Z turns 48 today and many have come forward to wish him well including Lil Mama. 

Known best for her 2008 single "Lip Gloss" the rapper takes to Instagram with an infamous photo of the time she crashed Jay and Alicia Key's 2009 performance of  “Empire State of Mind” at the MTV Video Music Awards. It was one of those cringe-worthy moments where Lil Mama just made her way on to the stage where Jay basically ignored her and everyone watching was wondering what was happening.

Mama just reminded all of her 499K Instagram followers of the moment with a picture and a caption reading, "IM STILL STANDING WIT YOU ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOV🎉💕 #BROOKLYN."

Back in 2015 Mama finally brought up the incident telling Complex that she "went through a tough time. “I did it to myself, because I’m the one who went up there," she said. "But them [Jay Z and Alicia Keys] not saying anything or even caring about the backlash…it taught me to be stronger and understand this is a business. That no one is here to protect you. It’s sad when the people we look up to as mentors don’t take the time out to let us know—‘I was angry, you did piss me off, but I forgive you.’ When you’re a young person, you’re never forgiven for the things you do. It’s America.” 

Watch the video of her stage-crashing moment below.