At this point, we might need to throw Lil Meech and Michael Rainey Jr. in the boxing ring together so they could settle their differences once and for all. Their playful feud has been brought over to Instagram following the success of both Power Book II: Ghost and BMF. As the two shows battle it out for supremacy in the #1 spot on Starz, the two actors have been jokingly attacking one another on social media and 50 Cent, the executive producer of both series, is hyping up their jabs.

Last week, we saw an entire back-and-forth ensue between the two rising entertainment stars and it seems as though they've picked things back up. After 50 Cent shared a clip from a recent episode of Ghost, Lil Meech quickly arrived in the comments to taunt Michael Rainey Jr.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Brad Barket/Getty Images

"U scared?" wrote the BMF representative on Instagram, tagging Michael. 

"What’s going on @lilmeechbmf said @michaelraineyjr scared," reacted Fiddy. "Why would he say some shit like that? I don’t know i’m not in it!"

This comes after nearly a dozen posts were made last week from 50, Michael, and Lil Meech about the television feud.

If you're a fan of both Power Book II: Ghost and BMF, have you been enjoying one show more than the other? Let us know in the comments.