Lil Mo came through The Breakfast Club along with her husband Karl Dargan. Their chop up included a variety of topics including her issue with Queen Naija and her thoughts about R. Kelly. View the full clip after the jump.

When asked about the remarks she had made about Naija's Soul Train Awards performance, Lil Mo had a lot to say. The remarks were indicated the "mediocre" quality of Queen's vocal ability while also wishing her the best in her career. Mo has not changed her tune. The singer still thinks other artists could have done a better job. She cites Naija's social media popularity and her being "lightskinneded" as some of the reasons why she is favored over more skilled individuals.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

There was also mention of disrespect. According to Lil Mo, Queen and her team treat people based on status: " If they think you're just regular, they won't speak." Naija's lack of reverence to her musical predecessors was also called into question. "Since when is it okay to disrespect the legends and the OGs? There are some motherf*ckers that get on my nerves, but I know that if they came first you show them respect," Lil Mo commented. "Whoever [is] popular think they can talk crazy."

When it comes to R. Kelly and the resurfaced sex scandal, Lil Mo brought up the fact that the issue of sexual abuse is prevalent in the industry. "They think it's just Robert but it's not," she stated. "It gets to a point when I say, 'I ain't see nothing.'" Her unwillingness to speak out is not only because of the number of cases she would have to deal with but rather because of the associates involved. She explained that when you are connected to someone "you ride" regardless of the wrongs they may have done. The songstress also believes parents of R. Kelly's alleged victims should be more responsible.