Sometimes relationships can take a lot of out you, and other times they can make you do things that are toxic to your well-being. For R&B singer Lil Mo, you can say she experienced both of those emotions and so much more during her tumultuous marriage with boxer and ex-husband Karl Dargan. Now, she's telling all in her revealing interview with Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club.

From claims of him spitting on her to him actually putting his hands on the "Superwoman" chanteuse, Lil Mo didn't bite her tongue one bit when addressing her rough encounters with Dargan. Sadly, the physical and emotional abuse also led her to start taking opioids to relieve the pain. Talking candidly with The Breakfast Club crew, Mo states, "I would wake up, I would take a Percocet 30, Adderall, all this stuff just to start my day. This is expensive and it don’t make you feel no better. I thought I was cool. I was a functioning addict because I could wake up and take a pill. But I got all my teeth. I don’t look like I take pills. I didn’t have the gray skin. I was still able to perform but my soul? I was a dead woman walking."

Throughout the rest of the interview, she also addresses how she got out of the situation, the way she explained it all to her kids and also how she feels about Karl currently amongst other topics. Take a look below to watch the full interview: